C3 – Clarity, Community, Contribution

C3 is a transformative social learning journey that empowers people to develop meaningful careers and diverse professional relationships. In so doing, organizations improve tenure, productivity, inclusion, engagement and organizational commitment.


C3 unlocks potential through passion and purpose at work

Activating purpose and belonging unlocks $20.8k annually in productivity gains per employee, or approximately $80k over the course of the average employee tenure. It also impacts your retention, inclusion, and wellness goals:

  • An average tenure increase of 7.4 months1
  • 333% increase in organizational commitment2
  • A 4x reduction in anxiety in diverse environments3
  • An average of 9.5 fewer days of PTO4 usage annually per employee
  • 32% fewer doctor visits5

Program Outcomes

C3 programs activate purpose and belonging in the workplace.
  • Purpose Smarts – participants will understand what purpose is, and why it positively impacts their career, leadership, and work relationships
  • Purpose Statement – participants will leave with a tool to make key decisions in their life and career
  • Purpose Activation – participants will take 5 new purpose-driven actions at work
  • Organizational Commitment – participants will see the organization’s mission as an expression of their unique personal purpose.
  • A Diverse Professional Network – participants will gain 3 diverse peer relationships to support them in living their purpose at work

C3 Program Overview

Through teaching videos, self-reflection exercises, taking new actions at work, and small, diverse group discussions, participants will gain a deeper understanding of their purpose, feel a sense of belonging with their diverse peers and know themselves as capable of taking new purpose-aligned actions at work. Each module includes

  • a 5-minute teaching video
  • a purpose discovery exercise
  • a purpose activation exercise
  • a 1-hour live group discussion


Passion & purpose in the workplace can be achieved through group learning.

Before the program begins, employees take a group matching survey and are sorted into groups of 4 that are optimized for diversity to empower them to build empathy and trust with diverse peers. 

This group functions as a team, ensuring participants cannot progress in the program unless each person completes the exercises and participates in the small, diverse group discussions.


The program typically is completed in a 10 week cycle, beginning with a live 90-min kick-off session via zoom to enroll participants in the promise of the program, give them an overview of the program and place participants into their groups in breakout rooms for them to get to know each other.

Sample C3 program calendar to empower passion and purpose in the workplace.

Participants will then complete each of the 5 modules and schedule their group meetings approximately every two weeks.

The program concludes with a live 90-min closing session via zoom to harvest outcomes, share breakthroughs, celebrate completion of C3, and enroll participants in the next step of their learning journey together, e.g., values activation, emotional intelligence, purposeful leadership, communication skills.

Unity Lab uses an LMS to deliver the C3 program to activate passion and purpose at work.


The content is delivered via the Unity Lab LMS, which also connects the small, diverse learning groups for asynchronous communication, hosts the course community forum, tracks group progress, and serves as asynchronous office hours.

Module overview

Module 1: Foundations of a Purposeful Career

Understand what types of activities most fulfill you
Build team agreements
Take a values-driven approach to a work task

Module 2: Reveal Hidden Aspects of Purpose

Discover clues to your purpose that you have overlooked
Learn the ways you hold yourself back from living your purpose
Perform a values-driven good deed for a co-worker

Module 3: Purpose in Action

Discover your unique virtues
Reflect on how it feels to bring your virtues to work
Take one new action to create a more equitable workplace

Module 4: Craft Your Vision

Discover your vision for the world
Reflect on how it feels to improve the world
Take one small action towards your vision

Module 5: Connect Your Personal and Organizational Purpose

Understand the connection between your personal and company purpose
Feel the energy of your purpose statement
Recreate the mission of your organization in personally meaningful terms

Get started with C3

To learn more about the exercises, peer conversations, and what participants will experience in each of the 5 modules, schedule an exploratory call to discuss the C3 program in more detail.