Unity Lab Programs

Unity Lab purpose and belonging programs to activate purpose at work

Unity Lab programs empower your people to develop new skills, activate their purpose, and feel like they belong.

Unity Lab’s core programs follow a progression of developing purposeful employees, then teams, and then leaders. The first two journeys—C3, and VAP—empower your people to activate their purpose and align it with the organization’s mission and values. The next two—TCP and EIA—activate healthy team communication. The last program, PLA, builds the foundation of purpose-driven leadership.

C3 – Clarity, Contribution, Community:

Employees activate their purpose on the job. They discover a new aspect of their purpose and take one new purpose-aligned action in each module. Learn more about the Unity Lab C3 program.

VAP – Values Activation Program:

After activating their unique purpose and values, employees find their unique connection to the organization’s mission and values. Learn more about the Unity Lab VAP program.

TCP – Team Communication Program:

Once clear on who they are and how their role and contribution at the company is an expression of who they are, team members develop critical team and communication skills such as active listening, gratitude, effective apologies, and “I” statements. Learn more about the Unity Lab TCP program.

EIA – Emotional Intelligence Accelerator:

Now that people are activated, aligned, and empowered, they take their team skills to the next level by developing the 5 key EQ skills (self-awareness, self- regulation, motivation, empathy, and social attunement). Learn more about the Unity Lab EIA program.

PLA – Purposeful Leader Accelerator:

With the skills to express their purpose and attune to their teams, they then are ready to begin their journey as a leader by developing the 5 key practices of purposeful leadership:
  1. model their purpose with stories and vulnerability,
  2. activate authentic connection and trust between team members,
  3. contextualize contribution,
  4. align learning, contribution and connection goals, and
  5. sponsor diverse team members.
Learn more about the Unity Lab PLA program.

Once this foundation is complete, organizations can develop other critical power skills via this method, such as integrative self-care, conflict resolution, creative intelligence, cultural intelligence, storytelling, boundary setting, and persuasion.

Social Learning is Strategic

To have maximum impact on retention, productivity, innovation, organizational commitment, and information transfer, make social learning the centerpiece of your culture, onboarding, wellness, learning and development (L&D), and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) approach.

Your employees will embark on 3 journeys a year, build 3 new sets of skills and develop 9 new diverse relationships. This can be especially beneficial for new hires, new leaders, diverse teams, and employees from newly acquired companies.