How it works

Purpose First

Without purpose driven employees, an organizations values are just words on a page.

Creating a purpose driven organization begins and ends with the unique people in your company. Research from organizations such as Harvard, Bain, Cornell, and Deloitte have revealed that employee purpose is the heartbeat of retention, productivity, learning, inclusion, and social and emotional health. Without employee purpose,

your organization’s purpose and values are just words on a page.

Your employees need to first activate their own purpose and values. Only then can they then see the organization’s purpose and values as expressions of their own. As such, Unity Lab’s programs activate employee purpose and values and empower employees to find their own connection to those of the organization.

This approach yields a:

  • 333% increase in organizational commitment1, a
  • 175% increase in productivity2, a
  • 7.3 month increase in tenure3, and a
  • 30% increase in innovation4.

Learning Must Be Social and Inclusive

Purpose driven organizations are comprised of purpose driven employees.

Purpose driven organizations are comprised of inspired employees who need more than a connection to the organization’s purpose and values. They also need to feel connected to each other, to learn with and from each other, and feel a sense of belonging with their diverse peers. Unity Lab programs feature small peer learning groups that are optimized for diversity, ensuring that inclusion is baked into the learning experience. This approach is desired, effective and healing:


People want to learn together and in the flow of work vs. classroom (Bersin, 2019). 85% of people prefer to learn this way (Unity Lab, 2023). This is because 80% of people learn as much or more from their peers as they do their superiors (Imperative, 2019).


While extremely popular, one-time classroom trainings and off-sites result in only 10% of the information retention after 7 days. In multi-session social learning programs, featuring small, diverse learning groups, 86% learned new insights from their peers, 73% are more committed to the company, and 71% developed new daily habits. (Unity Lab, 2023).


Rates of anxiety and depression have tripled since the pandemic began (Harris/Kumanu, 2021). Social learning interventions are incredibly healing, as 95% of participants experience empathy from their diverse peers, 95% feel supported by their peers, and 87% of learners feel safe sharing their fears and anxiety with each other (Unity Lab, 2023).

The Format

Unity Lab  methodology for creating purpose driven organizations.

To nurture our natural and desired way of learning together, Unity Lab’s Method features:

  1. Small, diverse peer learning groups,
  2. Live kick-off calls,
  3. An easy to use LMS,
  4. Best-in-class pedagogy,
  5. Live celebration calls, and
  6. Pre- and post-assessments.