About Unity Lab


The pandemic revealed that the United States is in big trouble. With burnout, isolation, and resignations skyrocketing, as well as increased attention toward economic inequality, political polarization, climate change, and racial unrest, many of us re-examined our lives and careers. In response, two-thirds of us revisited our purpose in life (McKinsey, 2021) and began to craft new purposeful ways of living and working that meaningfully address our most pressing problems.

While 97% of us value having a sense of purpose (Rainey, 2014) and 89% of us want purpose-driven careers (McKinsey, 2021), only 28% of us have them (Imperative, 2016). This “purpose gap” is what is driving the Great Resignation / Reshuffle. We want to belong, live our purpose, do something that matters, and be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

Unity Lab

Unity Lab closes the purpose gap and empowers purpose driven employees

Unity Lab was born in 2020 to close the purpose gap and empower organizations to become places where everyone belongs, fulfills their purpose, and can do their best work. We serve organizations who understand that the new world of work requires more human, social, and purpose-driven people and culture strategies.

Through our programs, platform and learning method we bring diverse people together to discover and activate their purpose at work, learn power skills, and build relationships across differences. In the process, our clients realize improvements in retention, inclusion, productivity, and social and emotional health. In doing so, they also heal the great divides in our nation.

Unity Lab Approach

Purpose Work Nation - book by Brandon Peele, co-founder Unity Lab
Purpose Work Nation by Unity Lab co-founder Brandon Peele

Our approach empowers an increasingly diverse and distributed workforce to bring their whole selves to work, lead with purpose, and build authentic relationships at scale. We do this by leveraging the latest research and best practices in purpose activation, social learning, psychology, and neuroscience.

​To learn more about our purpose and story, listen to this webinar with co-founder, Brandon Peele, and explore his book, Purpose Work Nation:

Unity Lab Mission

Unity Lab empowers organizations to impact critical priorities such as retention, engagement, inclusion, and wellbeing, via an experiential learning method where employees activate their purpose at work, learn new skills, and build diverse relationships.

We believe:

  • Purposeful work and belonging are human rights.
  • We are wired to connect.
  • Diverse perspectives enrich life and work.
  • We learn best together.
  • Modern leadership is, by definition, purpose-driven and inclusive.
  • A common purpose is the north star.
  • The workplace is the best environment to shift behavior and create a flourishing world.

Our values:

  • Fidelity to Purpose
  • Collaboration
  • Human Connection

Meet the Unity Lab team.