The Unity Lab Team

The Unity Lab Executive Team

The Unity Lab leadership team is led by co-founders Heidi Holliday and Brandon Peele, who bring the experience and skillset to empower organizations to impact critical priorities such as retention, engagement, inclusion, and wellbeing via an experiential learning method where employees activate their purpose at work, learn new skills, and build diverse relationships.

Brandon Peele - Co-founder, CEO Unity Lab
Brandon Peele
Co-founder, CEO
Heidi Holliday - Co-founder, COO Unity Lab
Heidi Holliday
Co-founder, COO

Unity Lab Advisory Team

The Unity Lab leadership team is augmented through collaboration with a world-class team of advisors in its mission to enable purpose-driven employees and bring purpose and belonging to the workplace.

Bobby Bakshi - Advisor, Unity Lab
Bobby Bakshi
Founder, MyPurposeDIY
David Booth - Advisor, Unity Lab
David Booth
Independent board member, Co-founder, Cardinal Path
Monica Cost - Advisor, Unity Lab
Monica Cost
President, The Core Value Company
Arezou Ghane - Advisor, Unity Lab
Arezou Ghane, PhD
Professor of Psychology, SCCD
Lara Lee - Advisor, Unity Lab
Lara Lee
Independent board member, WD-40 | Marrone Bio Innovations
Susan Lucci - Advisor, Unity Lab
Susan Lucci, JD
Soulful Facilitator, Symponia Institute
Charles Vogl - Advisor, Unity Lab
Charles Vogl, MA Divinity
Author, The Art of Community
B. Maurice Ward - Advisor, Unity Lab
B. Maurice Ward
Head of DEIB, Avalara