Today’s workers are struggling

Burnout, isolation, lack of purpose. This is what many are feeling in the workplace today, leading to high turnover, low engagement, productivity, and innovation, and difficulty attracting and retaining diverse talent.

The key to reaching your hiring, retention, productivity, inclusion and social and emotional health goals is to activate purpose and belonging for your increasingly diverse and distributed workforce.

Unity Lab delivers impactful, cost-effective and easy-to-implement programs that create happier, healthier, and more fulfilled purpose driven employees.
When you activate purpose driven employees and nurture a sense of belonging, your people thrive AND you reach your goals.

+7.3 months of tenure 1
175% increase in productivity 2
+63% leadership effectiveness 3

539% increase in resilience 4
9.5 fewer days of PTO 5
32% fewer doctor visits 6

94% reduction in out-group bias 7
4x reduction in anxiety in diverse environments 8
96% experience empathy from diverse peers 9

333% increase in organizational commitment 10
64% increase in fulfillment 11
50% more meaningful relationships 12

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The Problem

Companies often fail to empower purpose driven employees

Companies are failing to empower purpose driven employees. They struggle with burned out workers, low engagement, and high turnover. Organizations cannot effectively develop their distributed teams and create a workplace where everyone belongs and reaches their potential, regardless of where they work.

Without purpose driven employees, they leave and cost organizations time and money.

The Cost

Employees burn out, languish and leave. News travels and organizations have difficulty attracting talent. Companies lose customers and miss their business targets.

The Need

Employees need purpose at work

Companies need new approaches for the entire employee experience, from hiring to onboarding to learning and development to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) to manager training. Employees need work-life balance, purpose, and belonging. Unfortunately, the old way of developing people and culture no longer works in this new world of remote and distributed work.

The Solution

Unity Lab provides purpose solutions for the workplace to empower purpose driven employees

Unity Lab programs empower people to bring their purpose to work, build authentic and diverse relationships, and activate power skills, such as effective team communication, purpose-driven leadership, and emotional intelligence. They meet in small, diverse learning groups to learn new concepts, activate their purpose on the job, take new actions, and share their experiences with each other.

Purpose driven employees thrive, build diverse relationships and feel connected to the organization

The Results

By activating purpose and belonging for your employees, your people thrive, build diverse relationships and feel connected to the organization, and you reach your business and people goals.

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